Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have been dying to have some new music. BUT-I am cheap and spending actual money on music just doesn't appeal to me like it did when I was 17. I decided to take the risk and rummage through the stacks of cd's at the thrift store a few days ago. It's funny to see what people give away and it makes me chuckle to think what type of person might have owned some of the music before it got to where it is. I found one cd and bought it. Paula Cole-This Fire 2.99. Some of her songs were REALLY popular back in the day. The one song was the theme song for Dawson's Creek (my favorite show of all time!). Listening to it transports me back to high school but without all the high school drama.I am really enjoying it. There is one song that has become my favorite called Me.Watch it here on youtube.

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