Friday, October 29, 2010


I bounce around from one craft to another and lately I have been crocheting a lot. I decided to try and sell some of my crocheted items at the first craft show I did a few weeks ago and I actually sold more crocheted items than leather items. It may be because it was overall priced cheaper but it made me wonder if I should continue to crochet and sell stuff online and at more craft shows.

 Today I was dreadfully bored and uninspired and I just started crocheting. I didn't know what I was making but just crocheted along. I ended up with something I think turned out pretty cute. It's a little clutch purse (see above picts). I recently got a book out from the library called Beginner's Guide to Crewel Embroidery and did a little of it on the clutch. Expect to see more Crewel Embroidery from me in the future. It's fun and looks pretty. What an awful name though!

I love making stuff and I even like a lot of the things I make. I say that because I usually hate everything I draw or paint but I genuinely like most of the leather stuff and crocheted stuff I do. I guess I make what I would want to buy. However I am too cheap to pay my prices for myself but a girl has got to make some money somehow right? It worries me though. We are all so use to buying machine made junk-a-roo from walmart and everywhere else that people often get all bent out of shape when they see the price tags on handmade stuff. At the last craft show I did a lady picked up one of my leather cuffs and asked "where do you buy these from?" I was sort of confused. I told her I made them and she was like "wow!". Handmade items take time. Usually more time than a normal person would even consider spending on such an item. Anyways-I am getting tired...

Good night! Come see me at the craft show tomorrow!

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