Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy Bee

This has been a great week and a hard week for me. I am usually the least busiest person I know. We don't have kids and we don't overbook ourselves with all kinds of things. This combo makes for pretty stress free days for the most parts. We don't have a lot of demands on us. It's nice and for now it's the way I prefer life. (PS-I have to thank my husband for making life less stressful by knowing how to build and fix anything known to man)

This week has NOT been that way. I have made about 9 Etsy sales in the past week. This is insane for little old me who has about a 4-5 month old store that seems to get about 1-3 sales a month! A few of the orders have been custom and so that means I spent pretty much every evening pounding, cutting, dyeing and packaging away. It is totally exciting but I have some anxiety over it. I doubt this will become my norm but what if it did? I don't have the time to put into my little business that I wish I had. However I am not even sure that I want this to become something that demands so much of my time. I thought I did but now I am rethinking. It's just a strange place to be and I never thought I would have to think about it this soon.

I am signing up for my first craft show called The French Market. It will be taking place at my church in October. I am really excited about it because A- my mom is going to share a table with me and sell some wreaths and things that she makes and B- this should be the most unintimidating craft show that I could have picked for my first one. I will know a lot of the people shopping and probably even some of the sellers too. Even if no one buys anything I think it will be fun and worth my time.

Ahh but it's Thursday and that means the weekend is right around the corner. Hopefully I can catch up on some much needed me time. Probably will involve doing a craft of my choice (I am kind of getting back into embroidery) and watching my netflix movie that has been sitting on the table for days-The Box. Hopefully connecting with a friend or two and getting out in the hot TN weather.

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