Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Good morning little pretties!

How is your Wednesday morning going so far? I just finished a bowl of rice chex and figured I would say a little something something on here.

Every morning when I get to my "day" job I take a peek on my Etsy site to see if I have made any sales. It always feels like Christmas when I see the number of sales jump up a number. This morning my friends I had a little Christmas joy because I sold yet another one of my clutches. I think I have sold 5 purses so far and 4 of those were in the past two weeks I think. I had no idea that they would be better sellers. I just like making them because you have a bigger work space to tool a design onto and having a big hunk of leather in your hand just feels delicious to me. So-I guess I should make some more. I can't wait!

On a completely unrelated note-I watched a movie last night called Teresa which I thought was based off of Mother Teresa's life. The movie was not good but I don't know much about her and so I figured I better watch it all the way through. So-it gets to the end and Teresa dies at age 15. It then dawned on me that I am not watching a movie about Mother Teresa but some other chick who I believe Mother Teresa took the name of. Anyways-I feel bad saying it was a waste but it mildly was. Not because of the subject but because it was just a really corny bad acted film.

I also watched a documentary called 180 Degree Turn South the other night. I LOVE documentaries. I enjoyed it. It made me want to travel the world and live in a bus like a hippy,ha ha. It made me want to try surfing too. It's currently on Netflix watch instantly so if you have that you should check it out.

Well-I am off to work the day job and after that I am heading to the leather store to buy more supplies.

I hope you all have a really great day!


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