Friday, September 9, 2011

Playing Around with Copper

A few nights ago I decided to get out a sheet of copper and just play around with it. I haven't practiced sawing with my jewelers saw in a long while and wanted to try sawing out a small shape. I drew this little butterfly shape and sawed it out. I stamped "fly" onto the metal and then banged around the edges with a hammer to add some texture. I didn't necessarily plan on my little scrap becoming a pendant, but in the end that is what it became. I have been wearing it since I made it.

I pretty much used up the last scrap of copper that I had and so I ordered a sheet of brass to play with next. It's a bit thicker and I think it will be fun to make a few more similar necklaces, but hopefully they will be a bit more refined.

I wish I could buy silver but it's CRAZY expensive right now. I can buy a 6"x12" sheet of 20gauge brass for about 13 dollars or buy the same size in silver for like over 500!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean can that be right? Yikes! I am not sure how people do it!

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  1. I love your pendant!

    Check out your local pluming & heating Co. or salvage yard, and see if they have any scrap copper. I can usually get it for less there. We have a salvage yard in Phoenix that is about 5 blocks long, a real candy store!

    I save all my pickle juice, etc. for pickleing. Bought a old crock pot at the thrift store to use. I also look for old screwdrivers etc and re grind the tips for different designs for stamping.