Thursday, September 29, 2011

Metal Work

I ordered some brass sheet metal and it finally came in! I am working on a few pendants and am excited to show you my first attempt(well-second attempt if you count the copper one I made and showed in an earlier post).
I like how it turned out but there are two things I am changing for the next attempt. For one-I don't like how shiny it still is. I tried using a wire brass brush to give it more of a satin finish but it didn't turn out right. I am not sure what I did wrong. Secondly, I didn't feel that the patina darkened the letters enough so I darkened it with a sharpie marker (little trick I saw on the Internet somewhere). It looks fine but I think it's a bit too dark now and stands out more than what I want. Any suggestions???

It's been fun experimenting though. I really like sawing with a jewelers saw and am getting better at not braking blades. My craft table is a huge mess already and now it has metal dust all over it. I am thinking I need a special table space for this type of work...

Happy Thursday!


  1. Just give it a little time. Brass oxidizes super quick. In a couple of days it will already have a nice coat of oxidation growing on it. The shininess goes quick.

  2. Oh, and I like to use 0000 fine steel wool to get a satin finish on metals...

  3. Hi Lindsey...thanks for visiting my blog...I didn't realize it was you until I saw your Etsy shop mini on your blog. Are you still learning silversmithing? I am lovin' the brass pieces. Have you tried oxidizing brass and copper with your goes thru some amazing color changes. Have fun!

  4. Hi Lindsey, For metals I use sand paper, steel wool, & scotch bright pads indifferent grades depending on how rough I want something. For darkening & adding color I use liver of sulfa, shoe polish, acrylics, oil paint & acrylic ink and then rub back with a fine steel wool & polish. Then I spray with an matt acrylic spray or cover with a good paste wax (Butcher's wax). It the piece is going outside I use a gloss spray which I don't like but it will last longer. As Sandi says, you can also get some nice color with the torch. Make a paste of baking soda & flux, paint on & then heat for a red. Also brazing is very easy to do. Can't wait to see what you make. Love your pendant!

  5. Thanks soooooo much for these tips!