Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's Saturday! Oh how I love the weekend!

I have a big change coming up for me and I figure it's time to put it on my blog. My last day working at the church is September 10th. 1 week to go! I am totally excited and totally terrified. I have worked there for 5 years and although it's been great it's just time for me to start pursuing opportunities that use my talents and feed my soul. What am I going to do? Well....I know what I am going to attempt. My little esty store has had a slow and steady stream of sales. I really enjoy working with leather and even more just making things. Even more-selling them to people who appreciate my work. I am going to focus on my store for a few months and evaluate things from there. If it doesn't work out like how I hope I am ok with that. At least I tried. I feel confident that the Lord has a plan for me even though I don't really have one. I know that quitting was the right thing to do and am excited for the next season of my life. I am incredibly sad though to leave my position. I have worked alongside the best most kindest people ever. I have also worked in the same place as my husband for 5 years and so that will be a huge change as well. No more walking down the hallway to say hello or to steal a quick hug.

I ask for your prayers for me during this time and be sure to check my store for a lot more newer items after the 10th. More blog posts too!

PS. I hve found several nests around my house lately with birdies still in them. Here is a pict I snapped of one of them. So cute!

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  1. can't imagine you not at FBC.... cuz you were FBC to me in so many ways my friend.
    i am thrilled for you- and praying as you see what God has next.
    so very very fun!

    love and praying right now for you.