Saturday, June 12, 2010

Needle Felting

I love trying new crafts and my latest is needle felting. Heard of it?
It's where you use a chunk of wool and poke it with a needle that has barbs on it to tangle the fibers together so you can sculpt it into shapes. It seems like most people use this technique to make dolls with.

I ordered some supplies online and tried it for myself. I made these little guys.
It is pretty fun and somewhat stress relieving. Poking something with a sharp object over and over apparently has that effect on me. ;)

I gave my friend's 5 year old daughter the blue doll on the right and she said she was going to name it baby Jesus. Cute..and kind of funny because even though it's light blue (blue= boy) it does have a pink flower in it's "hair".

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