Thursday, March 25, 2010

frowny face :(

Do you ever just have "One of those days?"
I know you do because you are most likely human.
I'm not sure if it's the rain or what but I think I should have just stayed in bed today. In honor of my bad attitude I will list what could possibly turn this frown upside down.

This would be an excellent day for:

1) hot chocolate. The good kind that comes from Sam's Club with the peppermint bits in it.
2) a good movie. I currently have a netflix sitting on my counter of Little Dorrit -Part 1. Never heard of it? Thats ok-it's one of those BBC Victorian dramas that is like 4-6 hrs. long. 3) a warm fuzzy blanket

4) My favorite sushi joint-Sake. crunchy crab roll and crab and mango roll. It's the same every time I go.

5)and maybe some red wine. I NEVER buy it cause I don't really drink but I bought some yesterday just because. This kind is cheap and tastes more like fruit juice than wine.

Just thinking of this day is actually cheering me up. Also, a lady just walked in (I'm at work) and brought all the staff homemade cookies! How amazing is that! Perfect timing too. Little did she know that chocolate chip cookies are my FAV!

1 comment:

  1. ohhhhh peppermint hot chocolate from sams!!
    that is TOTALLY a comfort!
    and it makes me think of you every time i see it linds....