Wednesday, September 23, 2009

craft idol

I feel kind of Lame-O that I am excited by this but I can't help it. There is this women, Vickie Howell, who is known for her crafty-ness. She had a craft tv show that I couldn't watch because we don't have cable but I read her blog all the time and she is also an author of knitting and crochet books. She also has killer hair-the stylist in me is obsessed with her hair do's and wears crazy fun platform shoes (which is a plus in my book since I can hardly wear flip flops without my feet hurting).

I became a "friend" of hers on Facebook a while back and today I saw she was on . So-I sent her an instant message after a few minutes of deciding what I should say.

Should I say -
"Hey Vickie-I read your blog everyday and stare at pictures of you to figure out how your hair is cut. I have conversations with my hairstylist friend to try to figure out if your hair colorist uses 7r+6or or 7or+7r. Which is it? Oh and can you give me pointers on how to be like you?" I decided that might be a little creepy (maybe WAY creepy) so I said " Do you ever come to Nashville,TN?"

It sat blank for awhile and then I saw she was actually writing me back. Basically she said she has been to Knoxville but never Nashville on her tours. She would be sure to make sure to visit.
I was like "Cool-Nashville has a lot of great music (duh!) and things to do."

She said "I am giving away a book on my blog today-you should type something in my comment section to try to win it." I did and I am sure I won't win. I never have luck with "give-a-ways".

So-that was it.I was hoping she would give me pointers on how to be her but for now I am content with knowing she will make Nashville a stop on her next tour (I think she just said that to be nice...).
Is there anyone you would like to meet or talk to if you could?

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