Monday, April 30, 2012

Made Over the Weekend

I made a plain sterling silver band a few weeks ago and I knew I wanted to attach it onto something, but I just didn't know what. I started playing with a piece off copper over the weekend and intended to make a pendant or a piece for a bracelet. Once I soldered the feather design on I happened to look at the ring shank and thought,"ooh, this is what I should attach!" It's a pretty big ring and I love how it turned out. I purposely made the copper portion not perfectly rounded to give it a rustic feel and banged it up a bit on the edges.

I also made a few pairs of earrings the same day.
I played around with different tools to see what kind of marks they would leave on the metal. The first one was just supposed to be a test piece and when it was done I thought it looked kind of neat and made it a friend.
 I think I am calling the pair below-stick earrings.

PS. I just made homemade rice krispy treats and I foresee me eating way to many in the near future! 3 ingredients and so stinking yummy!

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