Tuesday, November 15, 2011


In my last post I told you that I finally was able to solder a bezel with my tools for the first time. Here is a picture of one of the pendants I made. It is made with copper and fine silver. I can't remember what stone is in there-maybe some kind of quartz or something.
I stamped the word "flourish" around the bezel and hammered the edges for some texture. For my first try-I am happy with it. It got me so excited that I got online and ordered some more cabochons, beads, and wire to do some wire wrapped stones.

I am excited to dive more into jewelry making.There are so many different materials to make jewelry out of and now that I know how to make bezels and can incorporate stones the possibilities feel a bit endless.

I am off to buy some yarn to make a custom pair of crocheted slippers for a special gal and might stop off at Fulins for lunch where I always get the same meal- Kung Pao(Pow?) Chicken.

I hope you are having a nice Tuesday where ever you are. :)

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