Monday, November 14, 2011


I finally did it! I was able to solder a bezel and set a stone at home!

I have been slowly collecting tools so that I can do metal-smithing at home and although I still need a few more essentials I am at a point where I can improvise and still make some things. I have been DYING to be able to use a torch and solder, but I just couldn't decide which one to buy. That issue might warrant it's own post at another time. I finally decided on a torch and it arrived last week. I set up my work station and attempted to make a bezel and solder it to a piece of copper. I TOTALLY FAILED! The bezel never did fit right and I couldn't get the solder to flow and so the bezel never did stick. I was totally bummed and felt defeated.
When I took classes a while back my teacher kept saying how easily I was picking everything up and how well I was doing. I think I was overconfident about my abilities and when it didn't work my first thought was something like " I seriously just spent every last amount of extra money I have accumulated on tools and I can't even figure out how to use them. I stink!". I had a horrible rest of that day.
I gave myself some time and after talking with a silversmith friend she gave me some insight into what might have happened and It made me feel a little better. I had a good weekend and today I felt motivated to try it again.

It totally worked! I did it! I even made and finished two pendants this evening. Are they super awesome? Not exactly, but they aren't bad for a first time home experiment.

I feel excited at the possibilities and am sort of proud of myself for using boy tools like torches and hammers and things with acid in them. Hahaha...ahh growth is good.

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