Thursday, October 6, 2011

Craft Room Clean Up

I like to read a bunch of different crafty/artsy girl blogs and sometimes they give you glimpses of the spaces they work in.

I came across one the other day and everything was all clean and neat and organized. It got me thinking about the space I use and how completely crazy and chaotic it usually is. It's a pretty small room and I have A LOT of supplies and things stuffed in there. My husband made me a special bookcase for me to have some storage. It's filled to the brim with yarns, bead boxes, art supplies, my camera, etc. I have two tables in my craft room. One is where I do all my work and the other has become a place I just sit random projects on. That table became piled high with stuff and was a real eye sore.

After thinking about my mess for days (and really if I am honest weeks) I decided today was the day to get things together.

I made two separate spaces. One table is where I will do my leather work and painting and the other table will soon be where I work on metal jewelry. I only took a picture of this table because the other doesn't really look like much yet.
I removed an old dingy carpet I had put in there awhile back. Getting rid of it has really made my room look bigger. I hung up a table cloth over my bookcase to hide all my stuff. (you can see a wee glimpse of it to the far right)
The only thing I need to do now is hang some pictures up. For now these little windowsill decorations will have to do.
Having a nice clean organized space definitely is more inviting. I hope it sparks some new creative juices.

What does your work space look like if you have one? Do you keep it organized or does it get crazy like mine?


  1. It looks really nice! My studio is always a disaster area....

  2. There is something very cathartic about cleaning up your work space even though, in my case, 2 days later (or less), it's a mess again. Your space looks very inviting, homey & go mess it up again :-).