Thursday, May 10, 2012


 I did not alter the colors on the photo above. They really are that green and that orange. My husband brought them home for me for our 8th year wedding anniversary. Oh ya-along with dinner and my favorite dessert and a sweet card. Guess who is the worst wife in the whole world? You guessed it -me! I TOTALLY forgot it was our anniversary. Can you believe that?!? I am not sure where my head has been. I don't know why, but I often don't even know what month we are in or what day it is. So, it just wasn't on my radar. I suck! Sorry husband-if you even read my blog-which I don't think you do. So sorry!
 On to other things:
I love this time of year because I always find nests in all my trees( like the photo above. Do you see how the mommy bird has her wing tucked over the baby bird? Too sweet!) and this year even in my door wreath.
Every time I would open my door a bird would be flying away. One day my screen door was mostly shut and the poor thing couldn't get out before I opened the door and I totally freaked out. I just couldn't figure what the deal was. Then I found this! It totally blends in with the wreath from the front because the wreath is basically made out of sticks. Such a clever bird!

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